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We are working hard to make the bulletin more attractive and easier to read. We have begun to introduce color and format changes which require more setup and print time for the bulletin printer. Because of this, we need your bulletin announcements ten days in advance of the weekend you want them read. That means we need your announcement no later than Wednesday, October 5 to be printed in the October 15-16 bulletin and so on. As always, please submit your announcements to

The bulletin page is not being updated as the new bulletin solution has caused great difficulty in getting a small filesize with readability. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can try this Church Bulletin website for the latest:

New Mass Translation Bulletin Inserts

Bulletin Policy: Only with the permission of the pastor will full page ads be accepted for the bulletin. In order to conserve space, make the bulletin less cumbersome, and be smart about being green, ONLY ½ Page Ads will now be accepted for the bulletin. This policy will begin the Second Week of April 2017. If you submit a full page ad without the Pastor’s permission, the bulletin editor will either condense the ad to a ½ page or send it back to you for a redo. Please do not send ads in PDF format, but instead in a Word Document so that the bulletin editor can adjust your ad if needed.

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