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Church Listening Devices - How to buy your own.

The following link is just one place of many that sell the listening device. At least one parishioner has ordered from this site and been pleased with the result. If you don't want to buy your own, these devices are already available for pick up and return in the sacristy as well.

The LR-400 Portable Display FM Receiver is a lower cost digital display receiver. It has exceptional audio quality as Listen's full-featured receivers and the same convenient recharging options. The LR-400 can receive up to 17 wide band channels along with 40 narrow bands (72 MHz), 19 wide band with 38 narrow band (216 MHz) and 17 wide band (863 MHz) channels. The LR-400 has a digital display to monitor channel selection, battery level, and signal strength. An LED on top signifies if the unit is on, flashes when batteries are low or locked on a channel if it blinks while pushing SEEK. PRICES MAY VARY, Select Pictures in order to go to the order pages.

Please Note: Does not include batteries or earphone/headphone

The Listen Technologies LA-164 is one of the most popular earpieces. It fits easily over the ear and can be used with hearing aids. Hard plastic is easy to clean and provides venues with a clean, reusable earpiece.