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Ferro Acuitur - Men Mentoring Program

Ferro Acuitur - Men Mentoring Program

Vision - For men to form friendships across multiple generations.

Mission - to bring together men to sharpen each other like iron on iron, in all aspects of manhood, from protector and provider to relationships, vocations and spiritual life.

Plan - to host evening events that allow young adult men (21 years and older), more mature men and seniors (wise guys) to come together. The hours would be later, say 8 to 10 to allow those with little children time to put them to bed. Begin with an hour of spiritual prayer, scripture, and small groups discussions, followed by an hour of activities, including sports, competition, and team building activities, that will allow different generations of men to get to know each other on a personal level.

We would need a spiritual chaplain, and a leadership team of 5 - 9 men. These men would plan the meetings, and also facilitate group discussions. Groups would be set up and kept the same as long as the members are attending. We will need procedures for changing groups that are not bonding into relationships. The leadership group would also be responsible for planning a monthly activity outside of our meetings.

Operate on the following principles

Leadership - build up 2-3 men, from different generational to be able to facilitate and commit to attending meetings (weekly or bi-weekly)

Structure - Format for meetings will be institutionalized - start and end each meeting with prayer, catechetical sharing and teaching, physical and mental activities to build teams, personal knowledge, and relationships. Also at a convenient time and place -

Commitment - need to be encouraged, and invited to take ownership of the meetings.

Challenge - each man needs to be challenged to courageously address an area of his life, where he needs to grow. (VIRTUE development, Identify a root sin, masculine development on a physical/natural level. This should feed him and keep him coming back for more.

Experiential - on a monthly basis, have an opportunity to put into practice what they are learning through the meetings.

ferrum ferro acuitur et homo exacuit faciem amici sui

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Rick Sammons
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