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This page has links to favorite Catholic resources. These resources can be used to learn and understand the Catholic Faith.

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Christ the King Homily - Fr. Chris Saliga, O.P.

Sunday homily from the 7pm Mass at Newman on November 26, 2017 (the Feast of Christ the King) by Fr. Chris Saliga, O.P., R.N., Interim Director of the Integritas Institute for Ethics and Associate Chaplain of the St. John Paul II Newman Center.

St. Gertrude the Great

Memorial of Saint Albert the Great, Bishop, Doctor of the Church, secondary patron of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Polar bears, physics and philosophy - Saint Albert the Great addressed all these subjects in his prolific writings. Faithfully serving the Church as a Dominican preacher, he continues to inspire those interested in the arts and sciences, including our own Br. Christopher Wetzel, O.P.

Respect Life Sunday - October 1, 2017

Respect Life Sunday is October 1, 2017. “We are called to show mercy because mercy has first been shown to us.” — Pope Francis

Please help us extend mercy through participating in the Archdiocesan Respect Life collection that funds the Archdiocesan Respect Life Fund Grants on September 30-October 1, 2017.

Memorial of Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

Sermon on the great doctor of moral theology of the universal Church also known as the Catholic Church, St Alphonsus Liguori. Author of many books including: "Glories of Mary", "Preparation for Death", "Dignity & Duties of the Priest", "The 12 Steps to Holiness & Salvation", "Visitation to the Blessed Sacrament" & others. To comment please visit

Coming Out of Egypt Again: Golden Calf of Evolution & Morality

The Golden Calf of evolution and its effect on morality. The Jews of Old pined for a god to lead them back to Egypt even while Moses received the Law on the Mountain. These apostates wanted a god that would allow them to do what Egyptians do, to eat, to drink and rise up to play. In the modern age, men have fashioned a new golden calf of evolution that will allow them to play and to treat others like beasts. But if human nature evolves, then morality must evolve too. This is the devil's work. But for those who are out of Egypt, we know that we have been made according to the image of Christ, the Son of God, the Son of Mary. There is no evolution in nature. There is no evolution in morality.

Making Decisions Without Fear

This sermon considers the teachings of St. Igantius of Loyola on how to make decisions without fear. Ignatian discernment of spirits are linked on Father's blog

Journey Home - Fr. Bonaventure Chapman, O.P.

Fr. Bonaventure Chapman, O.P. a former member of the Presbyterian Church discusses his journey to God.

Corpus Christi: From Bronze Serpent to the Eucharist

Typology, on how things in the Old Testament prefigure greater things in the New Testament. The Real Presence of Our Lord.

The Incomprehensible Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

June is the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It would be good to research this and reflect upon Christ's love for us.

An Easter Gift to St. Gertrude Parish

The Knights of Columbus has made available to the parish a series of booklets from the order’s Building the Domestic Church initiative. This resource is aimed at helping families to live out the Church’s mission and vision for parenting, fatherhood, and family prayer life. It includes 15 different topics with essays by prominent religious as well as two of St. John Paul II’s famous messages for the family!

The Three Main Mysteries of Holy Thursday

The Three Main Mysteries of Holy Thursday: The Holy Priesthood, the Eucharist, and Fraternal Charity. Father speaks on the cities of refuge in the Old Testament and who ran those cities. What did they represent? Why is this significant? What is the 7th city of refuge today?

Suffering, Death and Resurrection

Talk by Archbishop Sheen from Ye Shall Know the Truth Series

Passion Sunday: The Suffering of Our Lord

Plato gave an exercise of how a just man would be persecuted in the future. He had no idea how close he was in his thoughts.

The Annunciation: The Rights of God vs Rights of Man

Here is a reflection on the rights of God and the rights of man in light of the Annunciation.

Charity for Lent

We will have to give an account for every idle word we say. Do we think of our judgment day? St Francis de Sales helps in the teaching on sins of the tongue.

For This Purpose the Son of God Appeared

Sermon on the 1st Sunday of Lent where we look at the trials of Our Lord in the desert in comparison to the Exodus. How Christ was perfect where Israel failed.

War Against Temptation

Homily on the 1st Sunday of Lent on how to fight against temptation. Father speaks on the temptation of St Benedict and how he overcame it.