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St. Gertrude Parish Debt Elimination Challenge

St. Gertrude Parish Debt Elimination Challenge

“In the end, everything has been entrusted to our protection, and all of us are responsible
for it. Be protectors of God’s gifts!” ― Pope Francis

Debt Elimination Challenge Audio

Can We Count On Your Help?

  • Our parish has embarked on a challenging pro-ject. Over the next six (6) months, we need your help to retire our long-term debt!
  • To date, parishioners have pledged almost $1.5M dollars of the needed $3.2M dollars to pay our loan. We are nearly 50% there!
  • Imagine … if everyone made a simple pledge, we would easily eliminate this debt!

How We Got Here!
Development & Debt History: 1999-2014

  • Friars, Sisters and lay leaders conducted a long-range strategic plan in 1999.
  • From 2002-2005, the new school was built, our church was restored, our parking was expanded, and a home was purchased to establish a convent for the Sisters.
  • The project cost $17M dollars and $11M dollars was raised.
  • We needed, and obtained, a $6M dollar loan.
  • $3.2M dollars will still be owed when reserve funds are depleted in 2016.
  • The bank will let us pay off the loan early, saving us $550K in interest over the last years of the loan!
  • Our gift to the Dominican’s as they celebrate their 800th Anniversary (2016) will be a debt free parish!

Here’s What We Are Asking!

Can you give/pledge 2% of your income as a sacrificial gift over the next three (3) years?

Annual Income Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Weekly Gift
$50,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $20
$75,000 $1,500 $1,500 $1,500 $30
$100,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $40

Note: Please do not reduce your regular offertory giving. A steady offertory is vital for balancing our annual budget.

Imagine what debt free looks like!

  • Continued support to our main apostolate: our parish school!
  • Sustain efforts to evangelize to all parishioners.
  • Provide resources to enhance the efforts of our 50+ parish ministries.
  • Increase lay involvement in parish life.
  • Help Dominican missionary work and local outreach to the poor and disadvantaged in Cincinnati.

Blessings of Our Beloved St. Gertrude!

Spiritual Growth:

  • Perpetual Adoration Chapel.
  • Devotions, Eucharistic Procession; and Patron Saint Feast Day Celebration, Confessions.
  • Formation programs for our Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and Lectors.
  • Mentor Couples for the newly engaged.
  • Children’s Ministries: St. Joseph Society (for boys ) and St. Anne and Child Mary Guild (for girls).


  • The Order of Preachers are theologically pre-pared to preach sound and orthodox Truth for the salvation of souls; engaging parishioners to become intentional disciples of Jesus Christ.

Youth Ministry:

  • Over 300 combined High School and Junior High students seeking personal relationships with Jesus Christ!

St. Gertrude by the Numbers since 2010

Our 2,200 registered families, have experienced:

  • 1,384 Masses and 446 Baptisms
  • 564 hours of Confessions
  • 591First Communions
  • 654 Confirmations and 199 Funerals
  • 82 RCIA candidates came into church
  • 498 new families/parishioners
  • 48 Novices have professed vows

Additionally, many young adults from our
parish families have discerned consecrated life,
diocesan priesthood, other religious orders, and
marriage. What a tremendous blessing and grace-filled
testimony this data represents!

Debt Elimination Challenge Prayer

Lord Jesus, for over ninety years you have blessed our parish with faithful priests, religious, and lay people devoted to you and your Church. St. Gertrude has been rich soil for transforming lives and saving souls through Sacraments, prayer, preaching, teaching, and apostolic
works. We thank you for those who have laid this foundation of faith, as well as the brick and mortar of our parish.

We humbly ask, Jesus, for your continued blessing on our current debt challenge. Grant us the dedication and courage to meet the debt obligation of our parish, knowing that our generosity over the years has already produced countless blessings. Open our hearts and minds to see the fruits of our labors, and to have confidence that the harvest of faith will continue to be bountiful in the years ahead.

We beg you to continue to teach us to be your disciples in the vineyard. We trust that if we build the Church, we will bless the nation. ― Amen

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