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Parish Service Form

This is the first step of the request process. Once you submit this request you will immediately get a submission email containing your request submission. Second step: If you are reserving a room or a resource, please understand you should expect another email confirmation from the Parish Office approving the request. You may not get the room/resource you requested or the exact time. If you do not receive a reply in a few days then please contact the Parish Office at 513 561 5954. If you do not have an email then please call the Parish Office and they will put the request in for you. Some requests will be denied, so please do not assume that it was approved without hearing back from the Parish Office.

Use online form below or print out the hardcopy form and return to the Parish Office. Click here for hardcopy form

Select one of these two options more selections will show up depending on the type of request.

Maintenance Request

Select as many of the above as needed.

Event Request

Use the first Meeting Date for Start Date.


Please use a pattern like: 1st Monday of every Month or
Monday-Friday of the week of 1/2/17 or
Every Friday in the month of July or
Every 1st Friday and 3rd Friday of every month
If you know the end date for all these repeating dates that would be nice to include as well.
Patterns are good it helps with scheduling the facilities. Sporadic random dates makes the webmaster cry.

This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.
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