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From the Pastor 07/15/18

Two weeks ago we finished the Fiscal Year End. Our financial year runs from July 1-June 30. For the 2017-2018 our envelope contribution budget was $2,050,000. The actual envelope contribution for the year was $2,032,345.65. This means that our deficit for envelope contribution for the year was $17,654.35. Although we would always like to be ahead of our envelope budget, being off by only this amount is very good. Thank you for your consistent generosity to the parish.

Dominican Preaching, Part II

From the Pastor 07/08/18

You never know what you are going to find when you start to clean out electronic files. I have been trying to take time each week to pull up parish files and purge. When you are an administrator of a large parish if you don’t clean up files, eventually you can’t find what you are looking for.

And lo and behold I came across some writings I did on Dominican Preaching. I remember when I wrote these essays. It was for a presentation I gave on a Come and See Vocation Weekend at the Dominican House of Studies, in which we invite young men to come and see our life, and discern a possible vocation to the Order. So I am going to do a four-part series this month on Dominican preaching.

From the Pastor 07/01/18

I am very happy to announce a native of Cincinnati, who went through RCIA and converted to the Catholic faith here at St. Gertrude, has just been ordained to the Holy Priesthood for the Dominican Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus, the Western US Province. Fr. Bradley Elliott, O.P. will be celebrating a Mass of Thanksgiving next Sunday, July 8, at 12:30pm. Please come and celebrate with us. He will be offering his First Blessing to all who wish to receive his blessing after the Mass. Here is some information on Fr. Elliott.

From the Pastor 06/24/18

Pastoral Council: I would personally like to thank Dwight Stephenson and Diana Adler for the service they have rendered our parish by serving on the Pastoral Council these past three years. Thanks to Dwight for serving as Chair of the Council for one of those years, and to Diana for serving as Co-Chair for the St. Gertrude Feast Day Celebration. Please say a prayer for the Stephenson family who will be relocating out of town at the end of the summer. Also, we wish to welcome two new members to the Pastoral Council: Ben Hoffman and Tish Shefcik. This year I am happy to announce that Mark Kosobud will serve as Chair, Emma Friemoth as Vice-Chair, and Jill Woods as Secretary.

From the Pastor 06/17/18

Another successful festival has come and gone. A big THANK YOU to Cathy Egan and her other Blue Shirt Festival Chairs who give so generously of their time to the festival. Thank you to so many who responded to our plea for volunteers. The festival is dependent on 100’s of volunteers, and I am grateful for your generosity. Thanks to so many who worked and gathered items for the Auction Tent. And of course thanks to so many who came to the festival as well. We are very dependent on the festival to balance our budget each year. Will there be a time when we no longer depend on the festival for our budget? That depends on how generous our parishioners give to the weekly collection. As I write this column we are already in a deficit of $30,287 from anticipated weekly collections. We need to keep on target with the collection in order to pay our bills. Until we can run our collection in the black and start to see numbers that reflect what comes in from the festival each year, we will still be very dependent on this source of income for our parish.

I would like to personally thank John Feighery for his over 30 years of service as Head Usher for the 9:30am Sunday Mass. John has just recently lost his dear wife Kay, and now has some difficulty walking. Although it was difficult for John to make this decision to step down from ushering, he will continue to be with us at the 9:30am Sunday Mass that is celebrated as the Coventual Mass with the Dominican Community. Thank you John for all that you have done for us over these many years. Let us pray for John’s continued health. I am also happy to announce that Fred Bowling, who also recently lost his wife, Debbie, has accepted the responsibility of being the Head Usher at this Mass. Let us also keep John and Fred, and their recently deceased wives, Kay and Debbie, in our prayers.

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