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Offertory Envelopes


What are the benefits of using my numbered offertory envelope?

  • The envelope number automatically identifies your contributions for tax receipt purposes.
  • Gifts wrapped in numbered offertory envelopes make it easier for the parish staff to record your giving into our database. Time and money is saved by not having to look up parishioner’s envelope numbers.
  • Wrapping your gift in an envelope with your name on it will make you prouder of your gift.
  • Consider this… would you give a gift to a friend and not wrap it? Would you take a present to a party and not put your name on it? Please treat your weekly gift to God with the care and respect you would any gift that you give. Wrap your gift in an envelope with your name on it.

What is the white envelope that comes with my offertory envelopes for?

Many parishioners mail or deliver their weekly envelopes to the parish office when they are out-of-town or on vacation. As many of you understand, our parish expenses and obligations do not take a vacation when you do. It is very helpful to be able to rely on your continued support even when you can not personally attend Mass here. The white envelope that is addressed to St. Gertrude has been provided for your convenience.

If you have not received your offertory envelopes please contact the parish office at (513) 561-5954 ext. 2101