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St. Gertrude is a Roman Catholic Parish in the Dominican heritage of prayer, preaching and teaching. Under our Lady’s mantle, gathered as the Body of Christ, we celebrate Him in the Sacraments, Sacred Scripture and in Catholic education. Serving our brothers and sisters in the New Evangelization, we seek to grow in love as we journey with Jesus to God the Father.

St. Gertrude Parish Debt Elimination Challenge

St. Gertrude Parish Debt Elimination Challenge

“In the end, everything has been entrusted to our protection, and all of us are responsible
for it. Be protectors of God’s gifts!” ― Pope Francis

St. Gertrude Craft Show - 29th Annual

Saturday, October 18th 9am-3pm
6543 Miami Ave., Madeira, OH 45243

  • A showcase of 100 talented crafters
  • Beautiful handmade items & unique gifts in all price ranges
  • Food and baked goods available for purchase

Sponsored by the Ladies of Charity - for charity

From the Pastor 09/27/14

What at a blessing it is to return to all of you after two weeks of being away. I had a wonderful time with my father at our family cottage in Maine and was able to visit my mom several times. Parents continue to do well. I got a lot of time to rest, sleep, and pray. I was also able to get several painting projects done as well. I stripped the back deck of the cottage, the deck facing the lake, and was able to stain that deck, as well as the front porch of the cottage. My brother James also helped me to clean out the shed and we took two truckloads of trash to the dump. It was very cold during the nights, and I slept very close to the fire stove to keep it going all night long. It was a great time being in Maine, and I am happy to return home refreshed and ready to work.

For the past three weeks we have recited the Debt Elimination Challenge Prayer. This weekend we will return to the Vocations Prayer, but I ask you in kindness to continue to pray for the success of our Debt Elimination Challenge. Please feel free at this point to take a Challenge Prayer Card home. I am also publishing it here for all of you as well. Thank you for your prayers for the success of this Challenge, and also for the pledges that we are beginning to receive. Remember we have a long way to go to raise the remaining $1.7 million to be debt free. Less than 100 parishioners have already given over $1.5M, so I pray that the rest of our parish community will come forward in order for us to raise the rest.

Crosses of the Innocents - 2014

Save the Date!
Saturday, October 18, 2014

  • What: Install 4,000 Crosses of the Innocents on parish grounds
  • Why: promote support for the Culture of Life – born and unborn - during Respect Life month
  • When: 8:45AM, Saturday October 18, 2014
  • Where: St. Gertrude
  • Who: all parishioners are invited to help the Knights of Columbus and Respect Life committee

Bring your family and enjoy being outdoors on a crisp, autumn day in support of a worthy endeavor!

Server Program for Young People at St. Gertrude’s - Fall 2014

It is important for the Church to create the conditions that will permit many young people to say 'yes' in generous response to God‘s loving call... It is my hope that the local Churches will become places where vocations are carefully discerned and their authenticity tested; places where young men and women are offered wise and strong spiritual direction. In this way, the Christian community itself becomes a manifestation of the Love of God in which every calling is contained.
—Pope Benedict XVI, 49th World Day of Prayer for Vocations

St. Gertrude Church has two programs to help mentor and spiritually form our young people who wish to serve the Church, and possibly encourage our young people to discern more clearly a possible vocation to the priesthood and consecrated life.

Women's Conference

The Greater Cincinnati Catholic Women’s Conference will be held on Saturday Oct. 25th at St. Gertrude's.

Uniting women across Greater Cincinnati by living our Catholic faith every day. Speakers include Teresa Tomeo, Fr. James Brooks, Danielle Bean, and Kelly Wahlquist. The concluding mass will be celebrated by Archbishop Dennis Schnurr.

Click the link to our website where you will find all the details including REGISTRATION!
Seating is limited, and we expect this event to sell out! So register today!

Luke E. Hart Series (What Catholics believe, How Catholics pray, How Catholics live)

Select Picture to go to page of courses.

Based upon the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this series answers three questions of the deepest importance to any practicing Catholic, or person looking for a better understanding of our faith: What does a Catholic believe?, How does the Catholic worship?, and How does the Catholic live?

Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)

St. Bernard of Clairvaux (Holy Repentance)

Parish Picnic 2014 Photo Album

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Bible Study - St Irenaeus Ministries

St Gertrude website has permission from the St. Irenaeus Ministries to post this link to their website and directions to fetch their podcasts through iTunes. These podcasts are free of charge so please donate to this faith formation ministry.

St. Irenaeus is a center of orthodox Catholic mission and renewal, serving a community of faith in the Rochester NY area and beyond. It is a place of fellowship and prayer; a place of inquiry and outreach.

Our goal is sound instruction and spiritual formation in Biblical study, evangelization and discipleship. Our goal is simply to proclaim Christ in the fullness of the historic faith.

Click here to Preview List of Podacasts iTunes

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Click here to make a donation to the St. Irenaeus Center

About St. Irenaeus Ministries
It is our conviction that Christ came, not only to teach a true faith, but to minister his life and salvation powerfully to all. To this end, he left us an enduring Church with eternal and unchanging provisions of grace to bless and actually transform the lives of mankind. Moved by the love of our Lord and a reverence for this One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and “her faith, her peace and her enduring missionary spirit,” we have come together to raise up a more positive and powerful witness to his truth and grace.

St. Irenaeus is not an independent ecclesiastic structure, but a living, Christ-centered faith community, flowing strength and blessing back to the various parishes and individuals with whom we have to do.

Our mandate is simple: “to contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints.” For us this means proclaiming and teaching Christ in the fullness of the historic faith and offering what encouragement and sound guidance we can for the formation of mature disciples. In short, we are concerned with the salvation of souls and fostering their growth in holiness. So, we have a three-fold imperative to promote:

  • A better knowledge of the Truth;
  • A deeper Spiritual Life and
  • A more authentic and powerful witness to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Introduction to the Gospel according to John Podcast

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